standard New Lawn care program helps Youths lean job skills

Here’s a cool program in Peioria.  They are helping Youth’s learn how to run their own business.  They picked a lawn care business as one that the kids can learn.

Nice to see them teaching young people the tricks of the trade.

You can read more about it here:



About fifteen young adults from the Peorias South Side and East Bluff neighborhoods learned ways to apply, interview and land jobs. They also got hands-on training in the art of Lawn mowing and safety. Its part of the Youth Employment Lawn Care Program sponsored by METEC and Peoria Opportunities Foundation.

The teenagers participated in two interviews, learned about the job application process, appropriate dress, and how to resolve conflicts with an employer. Additional training includes financial literacy, leadership skills, and the basics of Creating and operating a small Business. Lawn Mower crew Supervisor Chris Macafee says the program teaches skills that can last a lifetime.

Were teaching them job responsibility because you cant just get into a job and think you know how to do something. You have to be taught how to do it. And later on they may have a lawn care business, and they can do the same thing.

The lawn care program hired 14 youth for the summer. Teams of seven individuals will work together to mow grass, trim weeds and pick up trash on City and County-owned lots in the East Bluff and South Side Neighborhoods.

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