standard Lawn mower fire destorys Ohio home

We all know that lawn mowers use gasoline can could be dangerous.  I have never heard of this before but a self riding lawn mower caused a spark that burned down a home in Ohio.

Police are unsure of exactly how it happened but the did point the lawn mower as the cause of the fire:


FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Investigators remained unsure Tuesday of what caused a riding law mower to spark destructive flames at a Fairfield Township home.

The fire demolished a home in the in the 6300 block of Sand Hill Court shortly after 8 p.m. Monday. A teen had just finished mowing his lawn, and returned the mower to the garage.

The blaze began in the garage and spread through the home.

Firefighters continued their work Tuesday to figure out the fire’s cause.

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Dale Wine lives across the street, and saw the flames tear through the home.

“It was shocking to look out and see flames shooting 40 feet in the air,” he said. “Boy it went up really quickly. It just took a few minutes and the whole side of the house was up in flames.”

No one was injured Monday, and crews want to help future fires associated with lawn mowers from happening.


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