standard how to raise lawn care prices without getting customers mad at you?

Here are four things to think of when thinking of raising your prices for customers without getting them mad:

1. Educate your client – Remember how little you know when you got started.  You think about it every single day.  Think about how little your client knows.  Your client doesn’t know your business.  So you need to educate them.

2. Best Honest about why you are raising your prices.  Tell them your costs and why you are not able to make money on their account.  Explain it to them.  Don’t try to cover it up.  Don’t be dishonest because your employees and your team will follow your lead.

3. Explain why – This is similiar to #2.  But just explain to them why.  Here’s an example – “Hey I bid you $25 to cut your lawn but honest after doing a few cuts it is taking us way longer.  Because it is taking so long we need to raise your price”.

4. Test your approaches.  You might lose a few customers but that is OK.  It is better to have customers that you are making money with than carrying around ones that you are losing money with.

You can watch the video above to see these in even more detail.