standard An Electric powered lawn care company?

Here is a really cool idea.  Green Lawn Care at its finest.  This franchise offers you a unique angle for your lawn care business.

Electric powered equipment that is much better for the environment than gasoline.

The best part is everything is solar powered.  It could be something to keep an eye on and keep your gas costs down.

Neat idea that you can check out here:



Herb Hauls grew up far from environmental nirvana, in an asphalt-heavy North Philadelphia neighborhood where buses and cars junked up the air and blades of grass were few.

He earned a degree in electrical engineering at Drexel University, working first at Peco Energy Co. and then for the Navy in ship acquisitions, overseeing vessels’ electric plants and control systems. He cleared six figures last year, he said.

Now, he’s mowing lawns for a living.

This is not an act of desperation. It’s a fully reasoned career switch based on a belief that Philadelphians, no matter how tiny their allotment of turf, and their lawn-rich suburban counterparts will have an environmental conscience akin to that of property owners in other parts of the country – and will be willing to open their wallets to back it up.

Hauls’ Clean Air Lawn Care launched in January from his home in East Mount Airy, becoming the first Pennsylvania franchise of a Colorado company started in 2006 that remains unique in its offerings. A second franchise opened May 1 – to serve 10 zip codes from Overbrook through the Main Line – owned by former banker Kelly Min, 49, of Wayne. (New Jersey and Delaware have none.)

As the name implies, Clean Air is more than organic treatment of soil and the green stuff it sprouts. Non-chemical alternatives have been around for at least 20 years.

It’s what’s on each of its trucks that distinguishes Clean Air: a roof-mounted, 135-watt, 12-volt solar panel and an inverter to charge its all-electric equipment for mowing (except for ride-ons), trimming, and blowing.


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